Free Video Submission Sites List In 2022

Free Video Submission Sites List In 2022

Free Video Submission Sites: Videos are the most popular assets on the internet. An average user spends 70% of their Internet Time watching videos on the different Video platforms on the internet. So if videos and video platforms are that famous, we SEOs are definitely going to use them to boost our SEO efforts. This practice is known as Video SEO. In we share our videos in the Free Video Submission Sites (given below) to get backlinks and improve our brand’s online presence.

It’s not wrong to say that these video submission websites have the largest audience on the internet. You just only have to know, how you can use it for your brand promotion.  And that is exactly what I am going to tell you in this blog.

Each link given in the below “Free Video Submission Sites List in 2022” are verified working link for Video Submission.

How Videos have changed the face of Internet Streaming?

In this new digital era, mostly everyone have access to internet through there smart devices. We all are streaming the internet on the fastest speed imagined at very low cost (especially in India). So because of these digital enhancements now people are more prone to videos than any other thing on the internet.

We have everything (from learning new things to information of all kind) available in video format. Almost every industry is now creating more and more videos for their users as they know its best way to promote their business.

I know for most of the people YouTube and TikTok are the only video platforms on which they can create and submit videos. But it’s not true. There are plenty of other video platforms as well which may not be as famous as YouTube but they have a huge audience base which you can use to enhance your Video SEO efforts.

How this “Free Video Submission Sites List 2022” boost your Video SEO?

The list I have given below will aware you of some re-known video platforms which you may not be heard of. All these Free Video Submission Sites have a huge audience base which you can use for your brand promotion by doing Video SEO.

Video Submission works the same way as Image Submission, the only difference here is that you are going to submit a video instead of an image.

Each and every link given in the below list is opened – checked – verified by me only. There are no Sponsored Links, No Spamming, and No Irrelevancy; just video submission websites. Further, each website detail like DA, PA, and Alexa Rank are correct till the date I published this blog. So you can totally rely on it. Happy Submission!

Top 5 Free Video Submission Sites

1. YouTube

YouTube - Free Video Submission Site
DA – 100, PA – 100, Alexa Rank – 2

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion - Free Video Submission Site
DA – 95, PA – 82, Alexa Rank – 211

3. Vimeo

Vimeo - Free Video Submission Site
DA – 97, PA – 96, Alexa Rank – 178

4. My Space

My Space - Free Video Submission Site
DA – 95, PA – 81, Alexa Rank – 2448

5. Metacafe

Metacafe - Free Video Submission Site
DA – 88, PA – 76, Alexa Rank – 16146

Above are the Top 5 Free Video Submission Sites. Make sure to utilize their potential fully. Once you are done with the above, go ahead with the below-given rest of the Free Video Submission Sites –

Free Video Submission Sites List in 2022 with their DA, PA & Alexa Rank

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Free Video Submission Sites

Free Video Submission Sites

How can you make your submitted video famous?

I know in creating a video there are much more effort (time, money, manpower) required than any other asset. So once you are done with the Video Submission, you can do some more to make sure that you will video will be a bit hit. All these efforts are organic ways and no paid promotion is required

1. Bookmarking

Yes, you can do bookmarking your video as well. You can bookmark your video link in different free bookmarking sites. The rules for bookmarking are going to be the same as you follow for website link bookmarking. In this way you will improve your video link presence over the internet and look forward for more web crawling privileges.

2. Social Sharing

Being a brand or industry you must also have your social media brand pages like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, etc. Share the link of your submitted video on these social media sites to get more engagement and views.

3. Emailing

If you have a digital audience base, you can also share the same submitted video links with your subscribers as well. It will also help in gaining more views.

4. Bloggers Outreach

If you can spend some money you can also opt out of this very effective method for your video promotion. In this, you will reach out to your niche bloggers and tell them to use your video in their blog. Usually, these bloggers have a big fan base who reads their articles.

Benefits of Video Submission

Videos Submission has tons of benefits. Mostly it will boost every aspect of SEO. Some of them are listed below –

1. Brand Awareness

I hope that now you are very well aware that doing video submissions will help your brand to grow. Through videos and video submission sites you can showcase your brand to a very big audience which may not be possible by sticking to image posts or articles.

2. Niche Traffic

As the audience count is huge for video submission websites you can route some of their audience which is interested in the products or services you provide to your website. This audience is not an ordinary audience but the niche audience which you wanted to target.

3. Lead Generation

A niche audience will automatically result in more accurate and reliable lead generation. And when these leads convert your business will grow. Profits will be higher which is the ultimate goal of all this.

4. Source of Backlinks

Videos not only do brand awareness or route traffic to your website. It also generates backlinks which can help in improving your website’s overall search engine rankings. These backlinks are from the video submission websites only. If you created a video is for the general market, many interested people also link that video to their own blogs or websites which will further increase the count of backlinks.

Wrapping Up

Hope you have enjoyed the above Free Video Submission Sites List and other information given in the blog. If you have any questions regarding this blog, do post a comment and I will definitely reply to you. Don’t forget to share it with your fellow SEO buddies!

By Abdul Mannan

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